Natural healing methods

Mandy created a space within and outside of myself for a transformational healing journey.  She effortlessly guided and journeyed with me to gently reveal and release the negative patterns that were most appropriate for me at that time. Her healing was beautifully balance in having a strong intention while allowing for a core issue to be revealed unexpectedly making the journey very enlightening. I found the differences in my ability to love and connect with myself and others noticeably strengthened since having received treatment from her. She is very naturally gifted in creating a safe healing space that allows for a deep lasting, opening and revealing healing session” – Kirra, Brisbane

Crystal healing testimonials

I went to Mandy Heritage for a crystal healing and found the whole experience to be extremely rewarding. Mandy is ind and supportive, she explained the process clearly, and I was able to relax fully.  I benefited greatly from our session and highly recommend Mandy to others” – Eileen, Brisbane

I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited greatly from the crystal healing I had with Mandy Heritage. Mandy created a safe and nurturing space in which I felt comfortable to receive and flow with the process, which she led skilfully. I look forward to receiving another healing with Mandy, and I am happy to recommend her services.”
– Alexandra, Brisbane

Mandy is a talented and gifted healer. Having a Crystal healing is a great way to uncover and release emotional blocks that you may or may not be aware of in everyday life. Thoroughly recommended.” – Jonathan, Brisbane

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 Homeopathy Testimonials

I suffered from adult asthma and chronic bronchitis and required continual use of antibiotics every time I got a cold. A homeopath prescribed me a remedy called Phosphorous and it completely cured my asthma and helped my body get through a cold without it progressing to bronchitis. That was more than 10 years ago and I have not had another bout of asthma or bronchitis since.

I had a lot of difficulty breast feeding my tiny premature baby girl after a traumatic birth and me suffering post-natal depression. I struggled and tried for 6 weeks with no success but one visit to my homeopath and one tiny pillule changed all that. For the first time, I started to look at my baby with deep love and affection which I hadn’t yet felt and she instantly attached and breastfed. Nothing else I had tried worked except for the energy shift that was created by that remedy. It truly works that quickly sometimes.

My daughter was about 2 and a half years old when she suddenly developed a high fever, her body was red hot, she was limp and sleepy and she had a rash on both her arms that was progressing up towards her shoulders very quickly. I gave one dose of Belladonna, a remedy known to work well for these symptoms. Within minutes the rash stopped progressing and her fever came down. I gave her another dose within the hour and took her to emergency just to be sure. The doctors were baffled as it clearly was a meningococcal rash but she had no fever and was perfectly healthy and playing as normal. I was happy in the knowledge that homeopathy had again performed another miracle.

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