My Crystal Journey Part I

The first time I experienced that I was full of some kind of energy, I think was when I was around 15. I realised I could see energy around and in people and in the corners of rooms. I didn’t fully understand it at the time but I remember having this ability to see things at a very early age. I think I blocked it out once I had told people, for fear they wouldn’t love me anymore. My spiritual path began with reading “The Celestine Prophecy”. I really connected with the tree’s on many of my nature walks and I could see the energy around them, I could feel their humming and I could hear them. I would often run away from my emotions and my family problems to be in nature by myself. Then I would sit and talk to anyone that would listen, I realise now it was my mother, mother earth and she would listen to me and talk back. The tree’s have their own voice/spirit and they too would talk back. I realise now crystals are the same, they have an energy and they have a spirit/voice that speaks back to me.

My Crystal Journey - Part OneMy personal history is one of a traumatic childhood, abused and from a dysfunctional home. My mother and father loved me dearly but there were so many things wrong that it caused me to shut down and become an anxious, nervous, depressed wreck. At the end of my teens, I started to remember it all, the extent of the abuse and my world blew apart. I was depressed, partying and on a self-destructive path. I spent the majority of my 20s working hard, partying harder and exhausting myself so my emotions would just go away. Whilst travelling the world, I began running, physically running from my problems and that didn’t work either. I was still an exhausted and depressed, emotional mess. So, I started asking questions about life and who we are, where did we come from and why did we have to go through the things we did. I have always carried a huge emotional load and being a cancer star sign, I have held onto it with a firm grip. I began to just sit with my emotions, just letting them come up and feeling them and allowing myself to cry, cry a lot. I started therapy and read a few books. I re-read The Celestine prophecy, the Power of Now, I enrolled and did Angel Intuitive course with Doreen Virtue. Finally fate put me in contact with the beautiful Rachelle Charman and I enrolled in her crystal courses.

Rachelle’s courses and crystals have truly changed my life. They have helped me to not only be ok with sitting with all that emotional stuff, but to be able to release it and let it go and fill that place with divine love. The foundation crystal course (level 1) was the beginning taster and I wanted more. During the intermediate I was pregnant with my second child and during the Inner Child healing, I discovered that I was a beautiful baby with a strong spirit and a heart full of love. We also performed an Akashic record meditation with the Divine Cathedral Lightbrary crystal (Divine Temple) and I was told that everything that had happened to me gave me the exact skills I needed to be the perfect healer. I was strong enough to create a space to help people to see their trauma and guide them through it. Most of all, I could understand true fear and true terror and guide someone through that without wanting to dive in to save them. We all have these experiences for a reason, to learn some true, beautiful lessons, even the abuse, and I am not here to take that lesson away from others, but to help them see it for themselves. I finally understood why I had such a traumatic life. It gave me strength, power, vulnerability and love, so much love. I had to search for that love as it was blocked but now I have found it, it is truly beautiful and I am eternally grateful that I can share that with you.

The advanced course was again, incredible. The biggest experience for me that weekend was meeting my dark side. I saw her as a spikey, thorny, horrible black creature that was so ugly no-one could possibly love. During the meditation, I opened my heart to her, I loved her and accepted her as part of me, and I realised that I was a beautiful, loving and lovable woman. Now that sounds so short and sweet, but since childhood and the abuse, I believed that no-one could ever love that dirty, disgusting blackness inside me that only hurt others, especially the people I loved. I remember afterwards sharing my story with everyone in the talking circle and it was so beautiful it still brings tears to my eyes, I was worthy of being loved and I am beautiful, I am really beautiful on the inside, I really am. It changed my life. I am here to tell you these three crystal courses are here to start you on your self-healing journey with crystals. I am eternally grateful to Rachelle for sharing her passion with me and for igniting a similar passion in myself.