Crystal Shamanism

What is Shamanism?

Shaman is the name given to the medicine man or healer of the tribe, the one that is wise and creates healing for the people through this wisdom. They are the ones that conduct the ceremonies and rites of passage within a tribe. They are known to be able go into trance like states to walk between the worlds, the lower world and higher realms, to discover a healing medicine for the person that is seeking the healing.

Shamans believe that when we suffer trauma or abuse a part of our soul is fragmented and left in the exact location the trauma occurred. They then journey for us back in time to retrieve that part of our soul and bring it into the body in the present moment. Shamans, during a healing, will usually take a blocked or stagnant energy from a client and move it through their own body to transmute it. This is a process most modern day healers are doing on an organic level, thus there is no difference between modern healers and the ancient shamans. They are all accessing the same source of energy to create healing and awakening for themselves and for others.

Shamans use earth medicine to facilitate the healing of others. This is the medicine the earth provides to us as physical and energetic gifts. These include:

• Crystals
• Animals and their spirits
• Tree’s and plant medicine (herbs)
• Elementals on this earth
• The four elements: earth, wind, fire and water
• Spirits in the angelic real
• Medicine tools such as the medicine drum; feathers; rattles; staffs and wands made from gifts from the animals, crystals and tree’s.

Each of these tools can help bring about immense healing for individuals on the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual planes. These tools are also called upon during ceremonies and rites of passage that the shamans conduct for people of the tribe.

Crystal shamanism is a process whereby we use crystals in combination with other forms of earth medicine to aid the healing of people. Certain crystals have energetic properties which are in alignment with those of the earth and its healing tools. For example, Chrysotile is used to connect with the medicine or spirit of the power animal of the client and allows the awakening of the wisdom of the animal kingdom; and Petrified wood is a very powerful grounding stone that connects us with the tree spirits to receive the wisdom and healing from our ancestors.

What can I expect from my Crystal Shaman healing session?

Crystal Shaman Healings are similar to a crystal healing in that there is an initial discussion, choosing specific crystals and a particular shaman healing which vary in length of time from 30 minutes to 90 mins. The client is led on a healing meditation with various crystals laid on the body.

The healings are charged at a rate of $40 per half hour, approximate times below:

  1. Journeying and Soul retrieval 30 mins
  2. Integrating our Shadow healing 30-45 mins
  3. Crystal Shamanism healing 60 mins
  4. Crystal Awakening healing 90 mins
  5. Advanced Cord Cutting Healing 60 mins
  6. Healing Ancestral Wounds 90 mins
Journeying to the inner, middle or upper realms to access power animal, power crystal or a gift from ascended masters/angels and Soul Retrieval

A shaman will often journey for you to other worlds/realms or back in time to retrieve an aspect of yourself that has been lost. Shamans can also journey for you to obtain a crystal or animal medicine that will assist in your healing. The inner realm accesses your power animal/animal totems as well as wisdom and knowledge of your direct ancestors. The middle realm is the spiritual dimension of this physical world and shamans bring back gifts from the crystals, trees, plants, fairies and spirits of the land. The upper realm accesses wisdom from spiritual teachers, angelic beings, ascended masters, spirit guides and light beings. These healings are conducted by sitting across from each other, slightly touching knees or hands and the shaman journeying for you. They can also be incorporated into a longer crystal healing if they are intuitively called for.

Soul retrieval healing

Soul retrieval healing is a method used by a shaman to return fragments of a person’s soul back to their body after a trauma in their life. As we get older we may experience the feeling of a shattered or fragmented soul, or as if we have lost parts of ourselves along the way. This powerful technique can remove that feeling and fill that hole that exists inside you. It returns the lost parts of you back to yourself; you start to feel powerful again, and like you are returning to an old-self, that innocent, beautiful child full of love and truth who you were born to be. This healing on its own is similar to the journeying where the shaman sits across from you, journeys to return a part of his/her soul that has been lost and blows it in your body through a quartz based crystal. This can also be incorporated into a longer healing if it is intuitively called for.

Integrating our Shadow

The shadow is a part or aspects of ourselves that we deny and fear. They are usually those parts of ourselves that we don’t like, the jealous aspect, the angry or rage-filled aspect, the selfish for example. We do not like these sides of ourselves so we choose to deny they exist, but unfortunately when we deny or push down these aspects they rear their ugly heads at very inappropriate times. This healing is about facing our shadow, seeing it for all that it is, bringing light into the shadow, allowing those aspects to be integrated and accepted by us, and balancing him/her with love from our higher self so she/he no longer creates drama in our lives. Through accepting our shadow and loving him/her, we are gifted with tools to continue on our journey, feeling more whole and able to do exactly what it was we came here for.

Crystal Shamanism Healing

This healing is a modified version of the standard crystal healing using only three specifically chosen crystals. These crystals are usually chosen by the shaman intuitively, and a deep breathing technique is used to connect deeply to each crystal, one at a time. These particular crystal healings connect you more deeply to a single crystal to receive its energetic medicine, allowing that medicine to go to the areas in the physical and etheric bodies that it needs to go to. This is different to the standard crystal healings which use 10 different crystals laid on the body and a different meditation technique.

Crystal Awakening Healing

The Awakening or Elestial crystal is a special type of powerful crystal which is used to assist humanity in healing and transforming the emotional body. Through connecting to this powerful crystal you gain clarity on your emotional wounds and gain a sense of your emotional intelligence and well-being. The energy of this crystal brings up buried emotions to the surface whilst holding you in a deep space of love whilst you delve deep into the wound. This particular healing takes you on a meditative journey into the heart of the awakening crystal where you receive a very special gift. This gift is varied and depends on what it is that you need at that particular time. One example from a client was the gift of forgiveness given to her by her grandmother, this gift was something the client needed from her grandmother due to the choices her grandmother had made whilst alive which caused pain and trauma to the client. It filled the client with so much joy and love to know that her grandmother was sorry and had always loved her, the forgiveness released the client from those karmic ties.

Advanced Cord Cutting Healing

We are all energetic beings and when a relationship is formed between two people, an energetic cord is also created. Usually this cord carries love and feelings of the beautiful energy between the two people but sometimes there can be negative experiences and negative energy that flows down these cords leaving you feeling drained, tired and sometimes depressed or out of sorts for no reason. Cords can also be created when there is still karma between two people that need to be resolved. If you are an empath, it is easy to develop cords with someone who needs energy and you happily give them your energy to help them, without even realizing you are doing it. Part of our journey on this earth is to understand that everyone has their own stuff they need to work through and it is not up to us to take that away from them. It is important to allow yourself to only being experiencing your own energy and not that of others, mind your own vibration so to speak. This cord cutting technique is very simple but also very powerful as it calls on Archangel Michael and the lords of karma to severe negative cords that are no longer serving you.

Healing Ancestral Wounds

We inherit not only physical issues from our parents and ancestors but also mental, emotional and spiritual issues, or family karma. We are from the same genetic line, the same blood line and we carry their memories within our DNA, their experiences and their wisdom. Thus we carry the same challenges and it continues down the family line one generation after another until someone puts a stop to it by healing their own pain and suffering and ending the ancestral line of pain and suffering. This healing involves laying with amber and petrified wood and some crystals of choice and then being gently directed on a meditative journey with first the paternal line and then the maternal line to clear the karma and inherited issues.

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