Crystal healing

Chrysalis Healing creates a sacred cocoon for inner transformation and release of your true self. Crystals are used to create a bridge of light into dark and painful places in the body and mind. As we connect to a crystal and its energy, it allows us to align and connect to the same healing energy that exists within each of us, reminding us of our true essence.

How does crystal healing work?

Crystals are divine gifts from Mother Earth that are here to help us in our growth and transformation. Each crystal holds its own unique energy, radiating divine love from Mother Earth and the Universe. Crystal healing is actually a science and works within the laws of physics, the law of resonance, which states ‘like energy attracts like energy’. When crystals are placed on the body, the healing energy of the crystals merges with the energy field of the body, allowing clear communication of the cells of the body. This clear transfer of energy allows the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself, promoting harmony and balance. This is why, when we are in the presence of crystals, they assist us in aligning with the same healing energy that is within.

What can I expect from my Crystal healing session?

Crystal Healings involve an initial discussion, choosing specific crystals and a particular crystal healing which vary in length of time from 30 minutes to 2hrs. The client is led on a healing meditation with various crystals laid on the body.

The healings are at a bargain cost of $1 per minute and are listed below with approximate times:

  1. Chakra Balancing 30 mins
  2. Inner Child Healing 60 mins
  3. Emotional Release 90-120 mins
  4. Soul Retrieval 90-120 mins
  5. Past Life Healing 90-120 mins

Chakra Balance

A Chakra balance involves placing different crystals on each chakra and allowing the energy of the crystals to merge with the chakra energy, clearing blockages and creating balance. Chakra’s easily become blocked in our stressful, busy lives and also due to traumatic events from our past. It is essential to keep each chakra spinning for optimal health. This process is very quick and usually only takes 5-15 minutes to occur. You are left feeling revived and refreshed and that the energy is flowing throughout the body again.

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Inner Child Healing

An Inner Child Healing is a beautiful, loving, healing journey with your inner child. We all have an inner child who is there to remind us to play and have fun and that we are truly loved. Nurturing the inner child is needed in today’s busy life and we heal greatly when we take the time for this type of self-nurturing. Visualisation techniques and crystals that specifically activate the heart chakra are used to revive and energise the inner child. This is an extremely lovely healing that most people wake with tears of joy, feeling full of love and complete.

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Emotional Release Healing

Emotional Release healing relates to the deep emotional trauma’s that are lodged within the cells of our body. Throughout our lives, we have had experiences that we have interpreted as traumatic, usually at no fault of our own, and these create pain, emotional hurt and ultimately fear. These suppressed emotions sit as stagnant energy in our cells, creating unwanted behavioural patterns in our lives. We are usually too fearful to go into those places but crystals assist us in seeing the truth of this situation by holding us in a space of divine love and raising our vibrational state. At this high vibrational state we can no longer hold onto these experiences and the emotions are released. You get the chance to express what you need to and being held in the crystals’ energy of divine love, allows you to realise the true lesson that experience was meant to bring you. You are free to shine a beautiful, healing, loving light into that area of the body to allow for healing and balance. These healings are truly powerful and will change your life. This healing involves a chakra balance and then into the body scan and emotional release.

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Soul Retrieval Healing

Soul Retrieval healing is a method used by a Shaman to return fragments of a person’s soul back to their body after a trauma in their life. Shamans believe that we leave a part of our soul in the location a traumatic experience occurs. As we get older we may experience the feeling of a shattered or fragmented soul, or as if we have lost parts of ourselves along the way. This powerful technique can remove that feeling and fill that hole that exists inside you. It returns the lost parts of you back to yourself; you start to feel powerful again, and like you are returning to an old-self, that innocent, beautiful child full of love and truth who you were born to be.This healing involves a chakra balance, an emotional release and the final stage of the healing is the shamanic soul retrieval.

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Past Life Healing

During an emotional release, it can happen that a past life surfaces. Sometimes we need to visit that place, experience who we were in that life-time and bring back the knowledge, wisdom and particular skills. For example, bringing back ancient wisdom from a time when you were a healer or perhaps you were a different gender and you need to experience those qualities to bring them into this life-time. Other times similar to an emotional release healing, we need to go through a traumatic event and forgive either ourselves or someone else involved and see the lesson for what it was truly meant to be.  In this healing we start with a chakra balance, a body scan and go into the emotion that arises, but then we are transported into a past-life for the healing. It may be that we need to incoporate an inner-child healing and/or a soul retrieval healing all in the one healing.

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